Christian Counseling for Trauma, Anxiety and Relationships
in Midlothian, Texas

You’ve experienced horrible events in life and you feel stuck! Today it was difficult to get up to get ready for work, but you did it. Every day you fight your anxiety and sadness, hanging on through the panic attacks as you try to get through the day. It takes all of you to just survive.

You are exhausted, physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the fight to not feel so alone in it all. You have prayed for relief from the memories of your past but no matter how much you know about scripture and God’s love for you, you still feel like you are never enough.

This life you are in has been riddled with pain and you fear that your faith could fall apart if you were really to talk about it all.

Do you want to break free from anxiety, depression and
troublesome sexual issues?

We help Christians who have experienced terrible things find grace and compassion within themselves, to put down the facade that everything is okay and to heal the depression and anxiety that follows them around every day.

Our clients come to us because they want someone who understands and respects their faith and who won’t judge them when they begin to question where God has been when they hurt the most. On the outside, people may never know the unspeakable things that you have been through, but you have carried these memories by yourself for far too long.

We can give you hope and help you break free from the painful circumstances you have faced and are facing now. We can help you gain courage to stand up for yourself and see the value of who you are – the way God sees you – and help you stop trying to earn compassion by climbing the ladder of faith, but to carry on knowing that even in your doubt, you are enough and have purpose.

Are you ready to find hope and break free?

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Amy Standifer MA, LPC
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