Affair Recovery in Midlothian, Texas

You promised to spend the rest of your lives together – forsaking all others – yet, the joy and excitement you shared that day has faded into confusion and disbelief. You’re numb and heartbroken wondering where it all went wrong.

There are so many questions that run through your head each day and you long for this nightmare to end. Despite your best efforts to keep it all hidden, the sleepless nights are beginning to take a toll and you just want to cry. However, you fear that if you were to start, the tears would never go away. You yearn for comfort and support, yet feel ashamed and find it difficult to trust.

Whether you decide to stay and fight for your marriage or decide to go, I can give you hope and help you face this heartbreak. I can help you piece the shattered parts of your life together and help you gain control over the intense emotions and intrusive thoughts which consume you.

Start healing today from betrayal and infidelity.

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