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Your life has not been a completely cheerful one. To say you’ve had some rough experiences might be putting it lightly. But you’ve moved your life forward and you have a life that looks pretty good from the outside. But, the truth is, inside you never feel settled.

You question all of your decisions, and when something goes wrong, or doesn’t go right – you are always quick to blame yourself. You look around and see people less successful than you who seem to be so at peace with their life. You can’t ever imagine feeling that way.

You are ready to stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and like you are to blame. You want to feel calm, confident, and be able to experience the success that you’ve already created. We can help you move forward in a happier and healthier way.

General Counseling Issues:

Disordered Eating
Grief and Loss
Marital Issues
Sexual Intimacy Issues

Let talk, we’ll help you find a counselor that’s right for you…even if it isn’t us.

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Amy Standifer, MA, LPC

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