Trauma & Abuse Recovery in Midlothian, Texas

The moment your life changed forever was unexpected and shocking. That terrible thing left you feeling paralyzed, wishing you were invisible and wanting to escape the physical pain. You let your mind carry you somewhere safe.

Not knowing what to do next, you were left feeling numb and dirty. You wanted to reach out for help but feared no one would believe you. The only alternative was to tell yourself “it’s all my fault” and “it could’ve been worse”. Convincing yourself that the person who hurt you “didn’t really mean it” seemed to be the only way.

You are overwhelmed and have managed your pain in self-destructive ways. You hate your body and want to be valued for more than your parts.

Day in and day out you’ve created an illusion so others will think everything is okay. Disconnected from your feelings, you’ve been able to move forward and live your life. You’ve worked hard to pretend it didn’t happen. But, now your feelings are “too big” to ignore and your heart cries out for relief.

I can give you hope and help you break free from the terrible circumstances you have faced and are facing now. I can help you gain courage to love yourself and see the value of who you are – and help you stop trying to harm yourself, but to make sense out of your pain and carry on knowing that even through your suffering, you can have joy and hope.

Are ready to take control of the anxiety and depression you experience? Do you want to gain control of the panic attacks and find your voice?

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